Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Every year on the 'Ekka' public holiday we head up North to the Strawberry fields to fill our baskets (and tummys) with yummy, warm, fresh strawberrys. A tradition started by my sister-in-law Sue, we now enjoy going with a large group of Nicks family. This year sister-in-law Bernadette & Elliott joined the adventure!
The kids love picking their own container full - and although it costs more than in the shops - it is a once a year special event, so it is worth it!
Oliver with his new "Dora the Explorer" hat from his showbag collecting his strawberrys
Bernadette & Elliott "in the patch"!!
Nick and 'cowboy' Lachlan with their filled containers! (Shame Nick doesn't eat Strawberries!)
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Bobbie said...

where do you go picking?? We went to the Strawberry fields last year near the ettamogah pub.. it was so much fun

what a great tradition you have... I might do that... I was sick and did nothing on wednesday holiday - escept my kids made mud and ended up getting it everywher in the back yard