Wednesday, August 20, 2008


There are those days that I wonder just what I can do with the kids to keep them busy (and not in front of the 'box'). I found this great idea on a website - although they used Pine Cones to make them! I couldn't seem to find any - so instead we decided to 're-use & recycle' out old toilet rolls!. This worked in perfectly with a project to a great Blog I have subscribed to called This weeked project was "Cylinders!!"
Firstly we put holes in the top and threaded with ribbon, then I covered them with peanut butter! Very messy!!
Next the boys rolled them in a tray of wild bird seed. Which they thought was good fun. Oli was more interested in eating the peanut butter - and decided that birdseed isn't his 'thing'!
Lachlan holding up his masterpiece!
Lachlan Very proud - and ready to hang them out for the birds!
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Bobbie said...

what a great idea!!! will try this one!! I have lots of kids blogs for you to try if you want...

a few of my faves

it will be so fun to catch up thru blogs.. you are doing really well for being new to it.. well hey I only started in February!!!

yeah we totally got to catch up!!

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

This is a great idea. I used pine cones for tree week but this is wonderful too. Especially because we only have pine cones when Grandma sends them from Alabama. :)