Wednesday, August 27, 2008

INSECTS - "Unplug Your Kids Project!"

This weeks Unplug Your Kids project was INSECTS! Marvellous! With 3 Boys I have hit 'paydirt'! Generally my life revolves around 'creepy crawlies' of one kind or another! On a recent excursion to The Queensland Museum (our favourite free place to hang out!), we were given 2 baby Stick Insects to take home (they happily give them out to anyone who wants them - along with a care sheet!). I am not sure if these are readily available in other parts of the world and what they eat!? But here in Australia, all they eat is 'Gum Leaves'! So it doesn't get much easier than that!
Once a week we simply replace the jar of old gum leaves with new ones! Which are in abundance in our park at the end of the street! They have grown from 1 cm long to about 15 cm I guess!
Best of all they are harmless and fun for the kids (as long as they don't get too rough with them - like my 2 y.o.!)
They have survived us so far - which is a good thing! As you can see Lachie thinks they are pretty cool!!:-)
They need to have 'plenty of room' to grow - otherwise they become stiff and can't grow (so the care sheet told us!). It recommended keeping them in a cardboard box on it side. We originally had them in the aquarium on it side with plastic wrap stuck to the side - but then we decided to get some fish! SOOOO - poor Dad.. he was sent out the the garage to 'build'! He came up with this nifty cage with fly screen staple-gunned to the front and roof!
This one is called "Sticky"!!! (today anyway - last week the kids called it 'stripe!')
For more information on stick insects and their care go to 'BUGS ED'!!
I would love to know if these are available in other parts of the world and if so what they eat?
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Sunday, August 24, 2008


What I love MOST about spending the day at the coast is how it just completely tires out the kids!! After spending lunch at the beach with family and then running around in the surf - they are just completely zonked! All that fresh air and warm winter sun just knocks them out - and here is the proof! These were taken on the trip home! Harry slept the entire trip! LOVE IT!!!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


There are those days that I wonder just what I can do with the kids to keep them busy (and not in front of the 'box'). I found this great idea on a website - although they used Pine Cones to make them! I couldn't seem to find any - so instead we decided to 're-use & recycle' out old toilet rolls!. This worked in perfectly with a project to a great Blog I have subscribed to called This weeked project was "Cylinders!!"
Firstly we put holes in the top and threaded with ribbon, then I covered them with peanut butter! Very messy!!
Next the boys rolled them in a tray of wild bird seed. Which they thought was good fun. Oli was more interested in eating the peanut butter - and decided that birdseed isn't his 'thing'!
Lachlan holding up his masterpiece!
Lachlan Very proud - and ready to hang them out for the birds!
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Friday, August 15, 2008

...we all scream for ice-cream....

With all those YUMMY strawberries we thought we better dust the ice-cream maker off and make some delicious homemade strawberry ice-cream!
Here is the ice-cream maker churning away!

Harry checking out the ice-cream maker!
..a helping hand!!!
mmmm..the finished product tasted divine!!!
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

...more from the Stawberry fields..

Cousin James & Harry in the playground!
Harry - you are just too cute!
Oliver just adores his cousin Emily (Milly!). Here they are hanging out in the 'big tyre'! Who would have thought it could be SO fun!
Dad & Harry!
Now we are back from the strawberry fields with a huge amount of strawberrys - I am going to get the ice-cream maker out and 'whip' up some delicious Strawberry Ice-cream!
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Every year on the 'Ekka' public holiday we head up North to the Strawberry fields to fill our baskets (and tummys) with yummy, warm, fresh strawberrys. A tradition started by my sister-in-law Sue, we now enjoy going with a large group of Nicks family. This year sister-in-law Bernadette & Elliott joined the adventure!
The kids love picking their own container full - and although it costs more than in the shops - it is a once a year special event, so it is worth it!
Oliver with his new "Dora the Explorer" hat from his showbag collecting his strawberrys
Bernadette & Elliott "in the patch"!!
Nick and 'cowboy' Lachlan with their filled containers! (Shame Nick doesn't eat Strawberries!)
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Oliver cuddling the baby chicks! He just loved them! Harry on the other hand couldn't quite understand the term 'gently' - we think his poor chick was rendered unconscious!
Pictures from the Huge Ferris Wheel "SkyView". Harry was very nervous about being up so high (so was I for that matter!)
WOW! The view from up here is amazing!
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

THE BOYS JUST LOVE THE BEACH! Wind in their hair & room to run! Perfect for energy-filled boys who need to run wild all rugged up on a winters day!
Father and Son - enjoying the moment!
What adorable boys!
Mummy's Boy!!!
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NICK ready to hit the Kokoda Trek - Notice...he is all clean - not for long though!
Such excitement with NO idea of what lies ahead!!
Nick with brothers Chris & Andrew at Brisbane Intl. Airport - setting off on their adventure!
With the other group of trekkers at the start of their journey!
Nick is in a Japanese tunnel on the Kokoda Track - they hid in these and shot at the Aussies!
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