Monday, October 27, 2008


My wonderful friend Siobhan Cowell took these lovely photos of my boys! Check out her website!

Harry is such a cheeky boy! He is a bundle of curls - which I just cannot bring myself to cut!

Lachlan is my 'big guy' He still wants cuddles and kisses from mummy but he wants to be cool as well! Today in the pool he was strutting around and proudly showing me his 'six pack' he is developing!!
Oliver's mind is always on the look out for trouble! I think we should have called him Dennis the Menace! He just can't stop himself! He has the gift of the gab. On the weekend whilst sitting in his fort with his brothers drinking milkshakes he sprouted out in his all knowing 'oli voice'; "I just love this time of the year"!! What a cack!! I thought to myself - yes, you have had 3 of them so far - what experience!!

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