Monday, September 8, 2008


Father's day in our house begins with me sneaking down stairs to make a cuppa for Nick and get the boys ready to "greet' him in bed with his cup of tea, some pressie's and lots of hugs! For him it begins with lying in bed and pretending to be asleep and awaiting the onslaught!!
Unfortunately my camera is playing up and the piccys are not coming out too clear (time for a new one I think!) But here are the boys 'sneaking into Dad's room...
Climbing on the bed to 'awaken the sleeping prince'!!
Nick very excited with his presents from the boys - a hand print hankie!, chocolate monopoly (yum!), pink polo shirts (Oli's favourite colour - his choice!!) and a book of "Things to do with Dad" - including such favourites as 'flying a kite', making a rocket launcher etc..!!
We spent the morning having a huge breakfast at Nana's. The works - sausages, eggs, bacon, hash browns, beans, croissants etc..) Then at lunch time Nick flew out and is away until Thursday. I get left with the 'aftermath'!!
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